The long time gap between this and the last update was because of irl stuffs and me being lazy. Hopefully the next update won’t take that long but no promises.

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Vol 1: Mackerel Boiled in Miso 290 Yen


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My first project will be Ben-To written by Asaura and illustrated by Kaito Shibano. I really enjoyed the anime adaption in 2011 so it was my one of my top two choices (the other being (803) 960-5659). I decided on Ben-To in the end because it’s already finished.

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Hello, I’m Wataboutmi. You might know me from Shoujo Kishidan and the manga adaption of Infinite Dendrogram; or, from some gaming circles, mainly Granblue Fantasy and a certain must not be named game.

I’ll be using this site to post novel translations as well as updates on the manga I work on.